Fans who wish to purchase Ticketmaster Gift Cards in bulk, or wish to purchase more than $2500 worth of Gift Cards at a time can do so through the link below.

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Please note you may not use Ticketmaster gift cards to market your company or for any consumer promotion without our prior written authorization. Please send an email to trademarks@livenation.com with your request.

Bulk Gift Card FAQs
Am I required to pay any additional fees if I purchase Ticketmaster gift cards in bulk?

  • There are no additional fees aside from the cost of shipping. Ticketmaster offers UPS overnight or 2-day delivery. Shipping charges vary depending on the number of cards in an order.

How long will it take to receive my bulk gift card order?

  • Order processing takes up to 7 business days from the date payment is received. Ticketmaster will not begin to process an order until it is paid for in full. Please note that during the 2-3 weeks before Christmas, delivery times may be longer and cannot be guaranteed.

What gift card denominations are available for bulk purchases?

  • Ticketmaster gift card denominations are typically $25, $50, $75, $100, $150 and $250. For orders of 100 cards or more that meet the minimum bulk order requirement of $2,500, Ticketmaster can issue gift cards in any denomination from $5 up to $999.

What payment methods are accepted for bulk gift card purchases?

  • Ticketmaster accepts American Express (The Official Card of Ticketmaster), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, ACH/Wire and Check. Ticketmaster can generate invoices upon request.

Can I receive my bulk gift cards electronically?

  • Yes, in lieu of physical gift cards, Ticketmaster can provide an Excel spreadsheet that lists the gift card numbers and accompanying PIN numbers.

Can I mention Ticketmaster and/or Ticketmaster gift cards in any promotional materials?

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