We'd like to make your experience at Ticketmaster as easy as possible. Following are three easy ways to help you look for event information, venue information, ticket prices and ticket availability.

To find information about a specific event or venue, such as ticket prices or availability, simply type the partial or full name of the event or venue name into the search box located near the top right of the home page. Then click on the "See Tickets" for the specific event you want to see to review ticket prices or ticket availability.

For Example, "David Bowie" or "Bowie". For a venue try "Staples Center" or "Staples". Avoid using "David Bowie at Staples Center". This will not return results for David Bowie or Staples Center.

Category Pages
To help you find events more easily, we've organized our events in four easy-to-browse categories. Just click on a tab at the top of any Ticketmaster page to see events organized by music, sports, arts and theater, and family. Hover over the tabs to display a drop down menu which contains popular event subcategories and events names. Event categories, sub-categories, and popular events by category can also be located on the left hand panel on Ticketmaster.com's home page.

If you'd like to find events that are happening in your city, click the “Change Location” tab on the top left of the page and enter your city or zip code.

Browse Calendar
Browse Ticketmaster's wide selection of events by using the "Shop for Events:” box on the lower left side of the page. You can also hover over the tabs at the top of the page to display drop down menus containing event subcategories and event names. Click on one of the event subcategories to begin browsing.

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