The insurance component provides reimbursement for 100 percent of the ticket price including taxes and shipping charges. With event ticket insurance, your financial loss will be covered if you can’t attend an event for any of the below reasons:

  • Illness or Serious Injury - preventing the you or an event companion from being able to use the event ticket, or if a family member is hospitalized or requires care by you
  • Traffic accidents - which could prevent you from getting to an event
  • Mechanical Breakdown - if your car breaks down within 48 hours of the event
  • Airline delay - if your plane or other common carrier is delayed (includes bad weather) while going to the event
  • Home or Business Issues - if your home or business is uninhabitable due to fire, flood, vandalism, burglary or natural disasters
  • Care for a family member - serious injury to a family member, requiring you to provide care
  • Employer Termination - providing protection against a lay-off
  • Jury Duty - if you are required to serve on jury duty after having purchased an event ticket
  • Work Relocation - if you are relocated by your company over 100 miles from your home
  • Military Duty - if you are required to miss an event as a result of military orders
  • Death - if the purchaser, an event companion, or immediate family member passes away

Certain pre-existing conditions may be covered. Please see the full Certificate of Insurance/Policy for a full listing of requirements and exceptions.

Event Ticket Protector also includes access to the Allianz Global Assistance Event 24-hour assistance hotline. A staff of multilingual problem solvers is available to help you with any medical, legal or travel-related emergency. Please call 1-800-424-3396.

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